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    Peacekeeper deflect = half HP?!

    This is for real?

    One deflect is enough for a guaranteed chain which lock you on stagger and drain half your HP. Damn, I spend some days playing other games, to came back and see this. So many complains in a single session. A Warlord which did nothing but block, charge and za, making feint pointless and the match a long boring waste of time, then a Peacekeeper which just run, ridiculously fast za and when manage to land a deflect drain half your HP in a locked chain.

    Really, today I lost all my will to play For Honor again. No matter winning or losing, fights are just boring.

    I can't believe I will say that, but I started to regret this buy.
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    A Peacekeeper deflect does 30 damage on it's own. Unless your character is 60 HP I don't see how you could have half your health taken away in one deflect.

    Are you sure you're not exaggerating?
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    Wauw what's is the secret of the peacekeeper cause on High Ranked machmaking I'm not having that result. Don't know what's the reseon but when I preform a deflect I get even intterupted by certain attack chains. I even got 2 shotted yesterday by a Beserker with revenge or one shotted I''m not sure I died so fast can't remember. lol :P (For Honor PC)
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