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    Can any explain why I can't use a track ball to control my rear gunners, when it works in every other aspect of the game?

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    @ Zen: To give you some numbers, the usual hit rate of the ai gunners is between 2% (<-"bad day", low ai lvl) and 9% (<-"good day", high ai lvl).
    Now, these days, I've been on a server were some of my opponents had hit rates between 11% and 15%. Now add the fact that most of these good shots use planes with Mk108 to attack bombers. I'm sure you get the picture.
    As it has been reported, the ai gunners have recently been fine-tuned a little, and aren't as accurate as they were a few weeks ago. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the amount of critical hits that they score has also been slightly reduced.

    Further down-tuning would render them practically useless.

    @ IcarusXP: I don't know, maybe you should ask this in Oleg's Ready Room... but I doubt anyone except the developers really knows for sure.

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    I dont care that the AI gunners hit me, its that when they do, 90% of the time it either takes out my engine or its a .50cal to the face
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    Respectfully, in real life I would consider MG defensive fire alone to be 'practically' useless. It has been demonstrated I think pretty conclusively in WW2 that bombers needed escort to be effective...better or worse I would hope in FB they would be the same.

    If that means they aren't effective online because one can't get the proper teamwork, I think that is a different story and AI gunners hopefully should not be used to 'give the bombers a chance'.

    The game is built around the concept of historical accuracy. It does not always get it right but I haven't seen much in the way of justifying a plane's attribute for playabilities sake.

    (did I spell that right?)

    Thanks for the percentage figures on hit rates, though I don't see where a hot shooting MK108 firing pilot should NOT have the advantage...he should I think.

    I do agree with you that the critical hits seem to be lowered, which is good. Too much AI accuracy can ruin the game for everyone else while the bomber pilots are having a good time...remember, there is offline play to consider, flyable HE111's, IL2's etc....it's not fun to play a coop or play an offline campaign and get shredded by AI gunners nearly every time you come in contact with them.

    I'm glad they dropped the accuracy and honestly hope they reduce it further. I fly Stuka's, HE111's and IL2's also, so please don't assume that I am anti bomber...I'm anti AI gunner uberness of any sort, whether I'm flying the plane or shooting at it.

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