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    Nobushi Snap off execution

    I just got the snap off execution for Nobushi and Im pretty disappointed, its way slower and less fluid than in its preview clip also she does an awkward little hop at the end that is not in the preview. I know this is nitpicky but I just feel like I wasted 7000 steel, either give us the original like it is in the preview or at least change the preview so nobody gets disappointed.
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    I'll be bringing it up with the team to see if this is a glitch - please report it to support as well so we can log a ticket on our bug-tracking system.
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    thanks I hope it gets fixed, I do not trust the support because my last 2 tickets i opened took between 1.and 2 moths to get a reply, but if it helps i will do it.
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    I'm having the same problem,
    I'm sure its a glitch because I reported the problem to support myself only to find it began working properly again so i cancelled my report,
    Unfortunately it only lasted a few games at best and reverted to the strange animation with the weird skip thing just yesterday,

    Guess I'll just have to swap it out for another execution until its fixed.
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