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    Clue for 5/02 DLC

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    I'm new to these puzzles, so can someone tell me if this is a GIF?

    EDIT: Nevermind, just saved the image and noticed it was a GIF, then can someone tell me the process of trying out a password?
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    Looks like the picture of a nebula and a waxing crescent moon
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    Yes, it's a gif
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    It's a .gif. Just right-click it and select "show image". Then you will see the filetype in the URL.
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    It's a gif. And the Text is in Hex.

    Decoded it reads:

    Spoiler:  Show

    Day 22: Keeping a safe distance from the being until it approaches.
    Day 23: First contact with the subject was cordial and productive.
    Day 24: Attempts at ongoing conversation have been unsuccessful.
    Day 25: Returning home. Use my ID and the nebula's name to unlock the payload. B1-11 signing off.
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    It is a GIF.

    The series of numbers is in hexadecimal (base 16).
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    First three rows:

    "Day 22: Keeping a safe distance from the being until it approaches"
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    I think that is the Crab nebula.
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    Here's the hidden image in the GIF with the Password.

    Spoiler:  Show

    Solution to extract was B1-11Crab

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