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    This is my dad, Ralph Miller, 55 missions in a B26, flying Pathfinder! I know and love the B26 for its foibles and strengths. My Dad loved his airplane, Early Morning Scrub. I think I could fly it from his stories.
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    Have this info about that aircraft.

    B-26G-15-MA Early Morning Scrub, fuselage code IH-X, serial number 44-67875.

    Checkout #4891 on the site below.


    A story from a pilot of the First Pathfinder Squadron Provisional.


    Blind bombing aids became available early in 1944 when a number of B-26s were converted to carry the RAF's 'Oboe' equipment and formed into the 1st Pathfinder Squadron (Provisional) on 16 February 1944. The first mission followed on 21 February, when 18 aircraft hit Coxyde airfield in conditions that forced 190 to return without bombing.


    One more article.


    Emblem of the 1st Pathfinder Squadron (Provisional)

    We happen to have a B-26 in the game... but saddly no aircraft skin or paint scheme for your father's aircraft or unit.

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