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    What a nonsense. Do not work the game after the patch. And the forum has no official commentary on this issue. In technical support, too, are silent. Are you kidding me?
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    cant even get into a single game for more than 5 minutes thanks ubisoft
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    Confirmed, its a gamebreaking patch/BUG. Can't even load the game after update.

    edit: validated game files twice. then it installed DirectX (wtf) and after that it plays just 3 intros/splash screens and exits to desktop.
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    Broken File

    Since patch i have received a broken file message. Unable to play and no fix bc my files are not broken.... help resolve this problem.
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    Omg....you nerfed Shugoki! Srsly? The most unplayable class in duels (okay-okay the most unplayable class at all). You nerfed it...This game is die faster than Evolve
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    okay ive got the same error afters redownloading the game 2 x and veryfi the gamedata 3x . with and without ant vir programm with and without admin rights, still game will NOT start GG ubi u lost the most forhonor fanboy rightnow, btw shugoki was imba if the players was good....
    now downloading 3th time....
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    Same here . It says some files are broken . Verified files twice and still not working .
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    Originally Posted by TheLastOfPk Go to original post
    Thanks you broke my game, now i have crash on loading screen... ubisoft ubisoft....... facepalm
    Hello everyone,

    We are sorry for the inconvenient, the For Honor team is aware of this issue and we are currently working on it. Thank you for your patience!
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    Same problem.

    Great job Ubisoft! Yesterday you wrote the patch is delayed because you wanted to make sure that all is in order. Today you roll out the patch and the game doesn't start anymore. Really great! I also guess that you don't even test your patches before you release them. I am really pissed off right now! As a software developer I understand much but this.... there is no excuse for this and your "We are sorry for the inconvenient" says nothing, because that is only a empty phrase in support and means that you have no idea what is causing the issue.
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