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    Hey ubisoft, You fixed nothing. Again.
    Game don't work for 2 days.
    Today i played 1 game after this great patch, and instead of victory reward i got this

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    Pc problems

    thx for patch 1,06 now i can play in my other games because after your patch my game jamming as hell on low details (before that i was playing on medium). Worst support ever.
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    Originally Posted by Pincopallino097 Go to original post
    Always disappointing... 3 days champion status right?
    HAHAHAHAHAH, "3 days champion status right?" BEST ANSWER EVER. HAHA-
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    Will they ever fix the connection problem. Nearly unplayable. Weak. I have open connection with 50 Megs.per second and drops all the time.
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    Is there not a organized forum section dedicated to patches that do not get bumped but can be discussed?

    Its impossible to figure out where anything is in this ubiforum
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