I don't always post threads but yesterday and today has been really frustrating playing FH.
Since the release of the patch 1.05 i got disconnected so many times that i lost count of it, this game has already a lot of problems that need to be fixed but damn why do people have to freakin leave games as soon as the get their arse whoped ? I've been playing FH since day 1 and i don't know how many times people used me like if i was a sandbag but never quitted a single game just because even if you lose at least you get some exp for your hero. i got like 300 hours gameplay and i'm just starning learning well all the mechanics and i'm aware that at a certain point playing with others i'll find the dream team of FH and i'll be gettin an a** kicking but i don't see that as a reason just to quit and ruin everybody else game.

As for the teammates why in the world do they play like they're braindead, seriously, don't know ho many times i was fighting against someone else and suddenly i was gettin stabbed, pushed, kicked on the back by my teammates. It would be nice if they were taking the damage they do to teammates so maybe they'd star playing with a bit of sense.

Sorry in advance for my bad english.