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    Haven't Played since April 3rd Blackout - did Ubisoft fix ANYTHING on consoles yet ?

    Have not played since April 3rd Blackout -
    Waited for Ubisoft to implement changes on PS4 - and waited - and waited - gave up
    Have they implemented ANYTHING to fix the ongoing problems?

    Also quick mention - heard that Ubisoft was opening TWO new development studios to work on AAA titles - Ubisoft Bordeaux and Ubisoft Berlin - anybody know if these are exclusively Assassin's Creed titles or has For Honor 2 been abandoned by Ubisoft Canada ?
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    Well if you're referring to the connectivity issues, then no, nothing's changed (although they've mentioned the next patch is coming out very shortly and is going to be connectivity focused). I still get frequently disconnected from matches, although a good match is good enough to keep me coming back regardless.

    If you're referring to overall balance, they're making progress. There's been a few buffs/nerfs to various characters and the revenge mechanic, and the game IMO is in a better place now than it was at launch.
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    Very shortly+ a week or (god forbid) more...

    No more "promises" - I wanna see results.
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