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    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME (Warning-this is for people that didn't buy game yet)

    Title basically sumarized all i want to say in this thread so all things i write bellow are actual REASONS of player who played this game not to buy it.
    1. Reaction time-
    I by no means am quickly reacting being. NEITHER ARE THE GAME CONTROLS ! I have more experience of not dodging when i WANT TO and when i dont want to. Also dodging some attacks is just impossible(conq. charge for example- i know that sounds like i'am just some noob but no it's quite often that i can't dodge it). Also when i want to dodge forward and perform finishing blow for no reason in this world nor other else i dodge BACK. I know this section is called reaction time issues but this kind of seems to fit here. NOT WORKING COMBOS AND MOVES. As valkyrie sub main i have many issues of her atttacks and combos not working. For example shoulder pin. As much as i love counter attacks when i tried to use this one it was simply blocked. I don't think that was supossed to happen as counters should be UNBLOCKABLE. And about combos just not working i don't even need to talk about that.
    2.Connection issues and slow game finding rate-
    This is for most people with not so good internet and even for people with good internet. So yes for basically everybody. I won't even talk about me blocking something than lag and then that same attack passing right through my defense. And also that famous when i hit somebody with final blow that should have finished them and them just refusing to die.
    This category is thread all by itself and many more but i will try to fit it here as much as i can. Zone attacks- In a game in which half a second can change everything it's just dumb to have zone attacks shown coming from other directions is just bs. Also another thing that goes beyond mymind is why the f*ck is warlords (slow and taanky character) heavy attack
    faster than orchis(fast as sonic assasin character) ? That makes zero sense.
    4.Obviously pay to win meant game-
    In this case it was just Ubisoft being greedy af. To have microtransactions in 60e game is just inexscusable. Most items in game if cosmetic or actual gear ones they are all just expensive. I know this issue was being focused on by ubisoft so they made orders(daily quests) make you more steel(ingame curency that can be bough by real money) but this issue should have been fixed by simply making microtransactions disappear and making items in game cheaper. (i think that feature for buysing heroes is ok because you can still play as them.)
    I believe there are many more reasons not to buy game (for example Ubisoft trying to fix it and failing) so feel free to add them in comments.
    Also you may notice somegrammar mistakes but english isn't my main language and while wring this i'am tired af.
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    Also do yourself a favor and buy overwatch it's awesome game .
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    In my short opinion:

    1. Game was great.

    2. Revenge was nerfed last time - i can handle it now , before i hated it, was too OP.

    3. Game lost her realism - all thing with super armor or smth (dont know how u call it) faked game for me, i hit few times and giving no damage, cant stop opponents animation of attack, cant brake it. I played yestreday after few days brake, and get off after 10mins with kensei. W8 for real fight in this game coz its amazing. But some things are giving chance to win with no reason to noobs.

    4. Im with this title from first closed beta. Get Gold version.

    5. Im pretty good player.

    6. Im playing with one character from the start. Have no alternative chars.
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