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    AC4 Installation Error

    During Installation of assassin's creed 4 Black flag at 82.4 % An error popped up failed to extract from DATA c-Bin Code -14 ,How to fix it ?
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    First you should always contact support.

    It might help if you give more information. Like your PC specs, Hard drive size, windows version and where you are installing from... (I assume you are installing from disks )

    If it is from disks I know some people have copied the files from the disks in to folders on their hard drive and then installed the game from those folders...

    here is a post I found..

    1. copy and paste all info from disks to your hard drive in separate, easy to find folders, it installed on the first try this way and it is way, way quicker. I tried many, many times installing from disks and every time a different file, either Kingston.forge or sound fx or Caribbean.forge would be corrupted
    2. go to run- %temp% and delete everything it will let you just before you install, i dont know if it actually affects it but it fixed a similar issue in AC3
    3. and then try installing, and don't touch the computer! It installs faster with no corruptions as far as i can tell and it will keep you from having to waste 22GB of bandwidth and a whole day of downloading.

    I'm not sure if you can add the serial key (activation code) directly into uplay and download it but maybe that is an option.
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