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    Cheaters in game PROBLEM ESCALATING!

    Over past few months my group of friends and me are seeing more and more cheaters in game, specially in DZ.
    As there is no anticheat software in The Division, only way to fight them is by reporting them which many players dont even know how or they dont care driven by wrong logic that i will explain in just moment, and even when whole grp of us report them multiple times we see some of them two months later still running in DZ with cheats no problem what so ever.

    Many players see it this way: Ok this server (dz server) has cheater, im going to stay away from him or im going to switch to another DZ server and problem is solved BUT its clear that more and more players are noticing that cheating goes unpunished in game and they start using cheats them self, its starting to be real problem, and if you, by you i mean MASSIVE dont do something regarding this, its going to spread like plague and that logic of im going to switch server wont work anymore, why? because every server gonna have its own cheater/s and make all normal, by normal i mean pvp players that wont turn to cheating stop playing all together, and if u let this problem escalate even more its clear that you are going to lose even more of this small playerbase that is still playing.

    I dont know if cheaters are running around on console versions as well as i play on PC so i cant speak from that aspect.

    To backup my claims, check videos of just few cheaters we came across, but bare in mind this is far from all we seen, we dont record our gameplay constantly.
    We have seen all kind of cheats, from ones that 1 shot kill anything in like XXX meter radius (yes like nuke just dropped) to ones making cheater invurnable to all kind of dmg while he 1 shot kills from 100-150 meters no matter if you are in cover, behinde wall, behinde building or what ever.

    Im not making this topic to flame or rage, im making it in hope that players which still care for this game support this topic by leaving reply, show that you care, show to Massive that this is big problem in constant escalation. Post your videos of cheaters. Make Massive take REAL action against cheaters!


    Cheater compilation:
    removed by Ubisoft for "naming and shaming" even players in videos are 101% cheaters

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    Sadly i have broken code of forum rules by posting videos that show player names, and even i believe that their names should be seen as they are cheaters without any doubt what so ever. I got warning for trying to present very much existing problem that is starting to plague this game. Guys please, you have all seen cheaters in game if you ever pvped. Support this topic so that we players, community of this game show to Massive and Ubisoft that we care and want this problem to be adressed.
    Thank you!
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    Yea SHAME SHAME but for WHO? I play this game for beginnings and hacker and cheating rule unlit 1.0 and now is 1.6.1 without anti-cheat system. Also ppl pls comment this topic we wanna to Ubi community see this, and give us answer what is his plan for a cheater.
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    I can confirm the information from the first post, as I was playing with my friends that day on that very same server. The problem with hackers/cheaters in the dark zone is very prominent and consistent, especially in the last couple of days. It is very disappointing for two teams of four people to get killed by one man who is abusing/cheating/hacking and exploiting the game code. It spoils the fun and pleasure and demoralizes people further from playing PVP. I hope someone will notice the problem or at least reply to the forum directly. Division is a great game and I very much enjoy playing it, but if the problem mentioned (as many others not mentioned) need to be addressed properly, else very big number of people will get angry (and permanently does) over something that is properly fixed (or never was a problem) in the vast majority of other online games.

    Hope someone sees and replies to this.

    Best regards,

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    Ubisoft doesn't have and never had, any tool to remove hackers/cheaters from their games. It's enough to have third-party injection software to cheat successfully.

    Of course, you can't use too obvious "no-recoil" and "aimbot" options (at least you need to set them not in the head but e.g. in chest or auto-change it at every new enemy player). Anyway, even reported you can still play with no ban because Ubisoft cannot confirm ingeretion in game code. Faster you get banned because of using Bandicam or such kind software to record you gameplay than for injection hack with "wallhack" or "ESP" options
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    Yeah UBI the home for skiddies, is it not about time to change this view people have on your company?
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    I also just encountered BSE-P*****K a few minutes ago. He was teleporting, firing with insane RPM, shooting through objects, etc. I've censored his name here, but I'm sure we all know who I'm talking about, since he's been "featured" in many videos over the past few days.

    Massive/Ubi: PLEASE be more proactive in detecting and banning these cheaters. You've done a good job with the ban waves in the past, but it is NOT enough!
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    I think that UBIsoft gave up to solve cheater problem.
    There are many many many cheaters in Asia server.
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    Imagine how good it could have been with community driven servers with white listning possibilities..

    A fair play community with active administration that can ban the cheaters from their servers.

    That's the way to Ubi if your to cheap for a anti cheat..
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    Ubisoft policy is to censor those that highlight the problem. If they gave a damn about privacy they wouldn't let the names of banned players pop up in the corner "xxxx was banned by fairfight". They focus on what they can have done automatically, anything you do to actually help takes them time and they don't want to.
    It's a joke. Why can't you ban clear cheats and why can't you inform the ones that raise the issue about whether action has been taken?!
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