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    I know I've said this on the stream already but the forums are more permanent;

    Since you have animated versions of the new RedLynx logo, animated billboards or TVs with the logo on would be pretty cool for the editor.
    Same goes for Ubisoft and perhaps a few fictional companies. Basically the same as in Blood Dragon
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    Since UGC is so hugely important it would probably not be the worst idea to provide players with the option to use a standalone version of the track creator. Be it as a browser version of the track creator that will also end up in the actual game or as a standalone version that can be download on each platform (and ideally with an optimized UI on PC - I mean properly - like any engine editor).

    That would also give you the ability to release said Track Editor before month(s) the release of the game and have people create custom maps so that by the time the game releases people will already be able to enjoy an array of UGC - said editor can always be updated with new assets and such after the initial release.

    Because quite frankly one of Fusions biggest issues was that when it launched, for months Trials Evolution was far and away the better game - due to content, much of which was UGC.
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