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    Post 1.05 - "Active Duty", "Reservist", and "For Honor!" Trophy Discussion

    This thread is mainly to be a constructive discussion on the following trophies/achievements post 1.05 on PS4 and the current theories on why/how they're not unlocking while hopefully providing info the developers need to fix this.

    Active Duty
    Manually deploy War Assets in 50 different Turns.

    A Reservist
    Manually deploy War Assets in 5 different Rounds.

    For Honor!
    Participate in a Season and come back to see the results at the start of the next Season.


    "Last Played" Problem
    Day 1 player and I have been deploying 3-4 times a day for the past few weeks (4+) through Remote Play and normal means. 1-2 times in Duel vs AI solo and sometimes Skirmish PVP. Prior to 1.05, the "Last Played" would always show "7 hours ago". Post 1.05 it now says nothing after the Last Played. Both of these make me think that rounds are not recording at all, or at least not in a long while. (some speculation from others that a season 3 server hiccup caused this)

    For "A Reservist" Xbox players with achievement counters have said that this only records AFTER the round is complete. With the situation described in above, it is likely that since none of the rounds are recording that same issue will keep this trophy from unlocking. And unfortunately, seems like even after a fix is implemented that players will have to go through an entire season again.

    For "For Honor!" Same issue as "A Reservist"

    Steps I've tried to get the "7 hours ago" and now blank "Last Played" status to change:
    - play multiple times in a round with different gametypes after the first 2
    - not hitting "Quit" after the first game after deployment where it says progress will be lost
    - dropping all orders, especially ones that carry over rounds
    - sitting on the screen while rounds change into the next round
    - closing the game only while at the main menu and not the war screen

    Popping for other people:
    A lot of people that have it unlocked say that they have done 100+ and that it only required a single game with confirmations of Duel vs AI working.


    I'll also add some links to some other discussions I've been reading, but I've been pretty frustrated with this as a whole. I'm trying to refrain from a complaining/whiny attitude and hopefully this is helpful in getting the trophy fixed so we can get Platinums as the same time as everyone else.

    "Active Duty bugged" on playstationtrophies.org
    "Active Duty Trophy Bugged?" on psnprofiles.com
    "[PS4]Active Duty trophy bugged?" from this forum
    "Active Duty Trophy bugged?" on reddit


    Hopefully this helps the developers or we can figure it out on our own.

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    Well I finally got Active Duty after at least 120+ turns of deployment but yeah, A Reservist is bugged for me too.
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    Originally Posted by phunkyprodigy Go to original post
    Well I finally got Active Duty after at least 120+ turns of deployment but yeah, A Reservist is bugged for me too.
    According to Xbox players, those only count after the turn is over. So everyone should still be 4/5 on that. Trophy percentage shows that on the trophy list.

    I just got Active Duty today...

    Only thing I did worth noting today was beat the campaign on realistic with all collectibles on the round before I got it (had it only half done previously). And I think I played PVP Duel on accident instead of AI even though multiple people confirmed vs AI works.

    So today went:
    [round change 12:10pm]
    played 1 AI duel, played 1 dominion PVP
    finished realistic with all collectibles
    [round change 6:10pm]
    played 1 game PVP (accident, meant to PvE)
    got Active Duty after what must be at least 100+ times
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    I hope a fix for these 3 sjh*tty trophies.

    So many hours in this unfinished game for what.... no platinum
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    same thing..

    Originally Posted by SIRAP_P Go to original post
    I hope a fix for these 3 sjh*tty trophies.

    So many hours in this unfinished game for what.... no platinum
    Anyone else having this problem? I switched factions during round 1 but ive been manually deploying since the game released on day 1... Did not get the trophy and have been playing daily since release.

    Is this legit bugged? I really want the platinum too... hopefully I can get it to pop during round 1 of season 2...
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    Welp only one away from plat...

    So im in the same boat with you guys here also just gonna bump this post so it is visible once again. I am only missing the trophy called "A Reservist". I have manually deployed war assets since the game was released and still nothing and at the time of this post we are currently in Season 2 Round 1. I have went into a Duel vs AI both won and lost deployed war assets still nothing. I have even contacted Ubisoft customer support and all they tell me is keep syncing my trophies and making sure it is not already unlocked...I even sent them a picture of the locked trophy still nothing. So out of all this time and effort put into this and im just 1 away from plat? Come on Ubisoft just help a brother out and unlock it for us or call someone who can.
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