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    Let me tell you a story. (Please don't forget the modern lore/Truth Puzzles for AC:E)

    You know, replaying Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood... (long, but worth the read - conspiracies, fiction, and RL politics and history all cross in the below post). One of the things I loved about AC2 and Brotherhood that I've been irate about not making a return, is Truth puzzles. This is largely because the Truth puzzles pointed to real-world conspiracies that were just interesting to consider.

    They've floated interesting ideas - like moving control of the people off of worship of God and on to the worship of money, and the attempt to found America based on that. It also floated the idea that Templars controlled the supreme court (Templars in Assassin's Creed follow the philosophy of exerting control so as to curb human evil, whereas Assassins follow the philosophy of liberty).

    What I find remarkable is some of the other strings that, at the time, went without my notice. Another conspiracy floated, that I'm now more acutely aware of, was that Gorbachev (who lead Russia out from under the Iron Curtain) was deliberately sabotaged after playing his key role, in order to elect leaders that would further the control via capitalism agenda.

    This meant manipulating events and media such that Yeltsin became the popular contender, with Gorbachev losing major popularity after the early 90's Russian coups. Yeltsin, of course, was the one that succeeded Gorbachev. Who did he appoint chief of staff?

    Vladimir Putin. Who this AC conspiracy alleges was groomed to continue the philosophy of controlling people via money. Keep in mind this game is from 2010 - 7 years ago.

    TIME did an article earlier in the year about how Vladimir Putin, when accounting for net worth, unofficial and otherwise, is the richest man in the world. Interesting. And now what do we have? Collusion and confusion aimed at America. And now more recently, the Syrian smokescreen to try and distract again.

    I also looked closer at the details of the Supreme Court conspiracy - basically, the Templars manipulated things so that the majority of appointees were very pro-business, and would, over time, take more and more power away from people and give more and more to business, by calling it "freedom" (in the form of free trade). Nevermind the cost. Of course, 2010 was also the year we saw Citizens United, a landmark Supreme Court decision that basically allowed corporate interests completely unlimited, unhindered, unfettered ability to lobby lobby lobby (lobby being legalized bribery) the living hell out of elections without restriction. Basically, they have the right to attempt to buy elections.

    What happened next? Pro-business sentiment (read: republicans, with major Tea Party gains on the fringe) exploded and took over congress, which has been held by them ever since. Keep in mind that from 2008-2010, prior to that landmark Citizens United case, democrats had a supermajority (presidency, Senate, House).

    And it didn't get better. I have a lot of respect for Obama, having to deal with congress in the state it was in for 3/4ths of his presidency. And in 2016? A businessman took control. With the republican congressional majority sticking. Without the majority or even the largest plurality of the American voting public. This was largely at the thanks of business (and Russian) interests pushing fake news and outrage in places and among constituencies with disproportionate voting power and gerrymandered districts. Prophetic, much?

    Playing through this again now in 2017 and looking at these Truth Puzzles in a new light...I mean, obviously it's a work fiction. The world isn't controlled by Templars. I would argue that the world is becoming more and more controlled by business interests at the cost of human interests, though. But the way this is all woven together? Very interesting. Genius, even, in the way of authoring fiction. And the way everything has played out since 2010 (the game's release, and the last AC game to include Truth puzzles)? It's a little mind blowing how prophetic it is in places.

    Not done replaying through the truth puzzles yet. Currently have 7/10 done. May post more as I come to more. But if memory serves, the last couple of puzzles focus on the end of the world in 2012 rather than RL capitalist conspiracies.
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    Yeah, AC MD lore was really deep around that era.

    They'd probably tread a little more carefully now, though. I don't like to get too political on here (despite the very nature of these games) but there's so much unrest right now that I can't imagine that it'd be a good idea to involve actual current world leaders as part of the modern Templar conspiracy.
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    The MD conspiracy stuff in the early games is probably my favorite part of the lore. It's honestly a little surprising that none of it ever drew outrage from conservative news media which tend to glom on to any video game controversies.

    As for how prophetic it all seems to be....Honestly it wasn't that far-fetched to make those connections 7 years ago, it's just a matter of looking at trends in the history of mankind. History does tend to repeat itself. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer and it's not an accident. Obviously there's no major global conspiracy like in AC (or IS there??? ), but politics is always about predictive moves that governments make with their own best interests in mind, like slow, continental drift where the effects may not be immediately obvious to the public until decades later. The chess metaphor in AC was an apt one.

    Like Cawatrooper says, the current political climate may be a little too inflammable for the devs to want to poke the hornet's nest, but I would absolutely love it if they did. Besides capitalism, I love how they commented on things like how the media controls the public and how sometimes someone who seems like an important player is actually just a puppet for the ones who are really running the game. That stuff is now more relevant than ever.
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    Back when AC had artistic vision was incredible. They weren't just video games, they were in every sense of the word, art.

    It's too bad the gaming community for AC has turned to complete cancer.
    "Give me muh customization"
    "Give me muh multiplayer"
    "Meh, modern day is boring"
    "I want open world with no linear storyline"
    "Keep putting important plot points in comic books instead of muh first person stabbing simulator"

    Seriously, F me in the A. I can't believe it.
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