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    Its installed

    Originally Posted by Ubi-gabelikes Go to original post
    Are you sure the game fully installed? You can't proceed to Manhatten until the game has fully installed.

    Could you please try restoring your licenses?

    My timer keeps going up by second and is not downloading
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    Originally Posted by steelchamp99 Go to original post
    Everytime I try to press continue game it takes me to a screen saying “installing Manhattan please wait” but stays at about 50% and won’t move. I’ve left it on for 2 hours even. How do I fix this?[/QUOTE

    I'm having the same problem. Stuck at 50%. Did you ever get it to work?
    Idk why this worked for me but I installed the ps4s software update and reopened the game and it worked.
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    Thanks for sharing what worked for you here, Bloodthirsty_47!

    Just a heads-up, this thread is from 2018, so it may be that this issue is no longer affecting the other players from this thread. If it is, or if anyone else continues to have issues with content installing on PS4, please let us know.
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    Hey, I am having this problem right now. Manhattan is stuck installing. I have rebuilt my dadabase, deleated and re downloaded the game. And everytime manhattan starts installing it ends up stopping and I get a disk read error or manhattan installing has no time remaining indicator and just stays stuck. I can play with a new character but my other level 30 characters bring me to the please wait while we install manhattan? Any help would be greatly apreciated.
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    Hey handface,

    I am sorry to hear that.

    Are you playing the game via Disc or Digital?
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    Hey! I figured it out! I went out and bought another copy as a sort of last resort before I gave up lol. And as soon as I put the new disk in manhattan started installing again and in 10 minutes I was loading up a survival match! I guess my disk somehow went. Anyways thanks your quick reply! Cheers!
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    Thanks for the update, handface, we're glad to hear you were able to get that resolved!

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