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    Title Update 1.13: Patch Notes

    This Title Update is an especially exciting one for us to share with you because it’s the biggest free content update we’ve made to the game thus far, and it includes the brand new Showd0wn PvP gameplay. We’ve received a lot of feedback from you all that you wanted more multiplayer options in the game, and we hope you have a great time with this one.

    The patch will be available to download on all platforms Monday, April 17th, with the No Compromise DLC launching on the 18th on PlayStation 4.

    New Content

    • New Online Mode: Showd0wn – This is a new type of online gameplay for 2v2 PvP matches that can be played with a friend, or through random matchmaking. Showd0wn will feature three types of objectives [Steal the HDD, Doom-load (KotH style), and Erase/Protect the Servers] across 15 distinct locations. This is a great endgame challenge to play with friends, provided you’re not a script kiddie and know how to use all of the tools in your arsenal.

    Online Races – Drone, motocross and eKart races are getting multiplayer functionality! They will also have their own leaderboards, so you can use them to compete for season rewards.

    Loot Truck Event – These armored trucks will randomly appear in the world, offering you a chance to hack them and then defend against the flood of police that will be responding. These will not be easy to rob, but the cash and followers payout is fat.

    Paintball gun – This bad boy will be available in the 3D printer and can stun enemies with a barrage of paintballs. Fun fact: in PvP gameplay your opponent’s screen will be colored in paintball splashes when you attack them.

    New Clothes – 13 new clothing items are available in the various stores, as if you didn’t look fly enough already.


    Explosive damage – We’ve improved the effectiveness of explosives for online play. With this update, damage to the opponent is determined by their proximity to the explosion. Standing on top of the IED will end in immediate and embarrassing death, but you’ll suffer less damage if you’re further out when the blast goes off. Check yourselves before you wreck yourselves.

    Leaderboards – Multiple minor improvements to the leaderboard system

    Bug Fixes

    “Bio Hacking” blocker – Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from completing this mission.

    Duplicate operations – Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing duplicate operation entries in the DedSec App.

    Key Data – We’ve updated some Key Data units with proper definitions and descriptions on the map.

    • Lots of other minor bug fixes and improvements we don’t want to bore you with.

    PC Specific – Title Update

    • Fixed an issue when the game couldn’t be started in Steam after the download with "Launch the game as soon as it`s ready" option turned on.

    • Fixed an issue when the San Francisco Fog was displaying incorrectly during rain.

    • Fixed an issue when the game launched on laptops with integrated GPU, instead of dedicated.

    • Lots of fixes to various minor issues with flickering, reflections, missing textures, windowed modes behavior, UI, text, online game modes, other stuff, yada yada.
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    This looks like a lot of fantastic new stuff.
    Thank you for your continued support of this game!
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    Huge fan of the series , keep up the good work
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    need way way way more "random" / "procedural" pve content to have a "infinite" gameplay activities
    Since no one look to care about mod this game like GTA5, si bring pve content..
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    thank you great stuff coming to the game.
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    play on each team dedsec or prime eight

    Can you make it so you can pick a team DedSec or Prime Eight
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    What time today does the update go live on each platform?
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    PC patch is now live.
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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Elyon Go to original post
    , other stuff, yada yada.
    Is there somewhere a detailed update log version of thoses "other stuff, yada yada" ?
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