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    Hi Jazz!

    While the Community Events were available for a limited time, we appreciate your feedback.
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    Dear strigoi1958

    After looking throughout all of the 90 Threads in the AC General Discussions. I have seen around 25 similar Threads (including my 13 posts you mentioned) in pleading Ubisoft Development Team to please bring back the Community Challenges for AC IV - Black Flag.

    I also saw some of your comments in some of those 25 Threads and those AC players agree as well as me to ask the Ubisoft Development Team to bring the challenges back.

    What is it that you can't see as any other player who want these last items unlockable in the game? Excluding items that should be immediately unlock even though it was only a way to promote the game more 😑 It should be unlock immediately as the game reached it's potential and sold millions of copies. It is after all one of the most popular sequels...and it still is to AC players.

    I am also looking at calling their Ubisoft Business Headquarters to see what is the big deal of not doing this small job. I am not here to talk to people like you. I am here just to make a community correction that Ubisoft failed to do.

    Since nobody from Ubisoft other than the Forum Administrators who comment and provide feedback to us players and fans. Then the only thing to do is call their Main Headquarters.

    If you tend to get in my way and keep repeating this process and replying to my Threads and comments. It will only lead to more Posts my friend.

    *By the way, don't look as if you're the only one at following what I Post or Reply too

    Kindest Regards.
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    I may not agree 100% with how the previous message was phrased, I do agree with the sentiment. I am a huge AC fan and while the community challenge equipment may not be needed for 100% synchronisation, it is still equipment that the fans of Assassin's Creed would love to have. I personally think it would be a nice touch for Ubisoft to release the items especially in the run-up to Assassin's Creed Origins being released, and especially as they've already done something similar with the Ezio Collection and made it so we can play the dlc for AC3 on Xbox backwards compatible
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    AC IV - Black Flag Community Challenges

    Still waiting on those Community Challenges to return in order to get those locked weapons and appearance skins Ubisoft! Or just make them available as a dlc or a patch.
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    AC IV - Black Flag Community Challenges

    Hey Ubisoft! Where are those Community Challenges. Still waiting for them to return in Black Flag. Since they are still LOCKED in the game and should be unlocked for everybody by now!
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    AC IV - Black Flag Community Challenges

    Why aren't the Community Challenge items in Black Flag unlocked? Since you guys ended it, it should be available for all players to enjoy. How hard is it to make the items available!
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    Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag Community Challenge

    Please bring back the Community Challenges in Black Flag Ubisoft.
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    Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag Community Challenge

    Please bring back the community challenge rewards and the initate awards as a dlc Ubisoft. How hard can it be? Still locked in the Outfits, Pistols, Swords, and Ship Appearances for me and other players as well.
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    I agree that the items should be unlocked by default now I just got the game and its frustrating that some of the coolest items in the game are locked behind challenges that can no longer be completed... this is the sad future of gaming now where half of a game only works while a certain site or application is active than after that your screwed. How long until uplay is ditched for a different ubi drm and every game on that no longer functions? If they wont patch this error dont expect them to patch out uplay when the time comes. For such a big game company they dont seem to understand or care for there fans.
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    Are you serious?

    Wait, so this stuff is just flat-out unavailable? That's actually irritating, because I've been trying to unlock it for the past week, having only recently purchased my own copy of the game. There are so many outfits and ship customisation items I can't unlock, and I've been tearing my hair out trying to figure out why. I can't get the Ezio and Connor outfits, despite having Uplay actions and rewards for all but Revelations (which won't let me unlock literally anything, or even save, but that's another issue altogether), and I've been trying to at least get the Explorer, Governor's, and Officer's outfits as a consolation, but they just haven't been unlocking.

    I've been opening the blue chests, hunting the white whales, and sinking the convoys, when I can find them. But none of this stuff is unlocking at all. The swords, pistols, outfits, sails, figureheads, and wheels just won't show up, no matter how many ships I send out in the Fleet, or how many chests I open. If the items aren't available at all, I guess I'll have to give up on getting them, but that's a serious disappointment. I'm playing on the Xbox 360, so I figured at least one or two things might be unavailable, but I wasn't expecting this many things to be blocked entirely.

    If I'm missing something and can get some of this still, someone let me know. Otherwise, I'll just be giving up on the search and shooting every cat in Nassau.
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