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    Very nice idea, but what Gunners says ... leaves me perplexed, I wait to see the reality. If your questions are not directed to your new product: to tell us that you have listened to us, when in fact you say this:

    Do you like science fiction?
    - NO to 90% !!!

    I have only one fear: that your questions are all in one direction ....> to your new product to tell us, you see we listened to you ....

    But I'm waiting to see, and meanwhile I think it's a good idea!

    très belle idée , mais ce que dit Gunners ...me laisse perplexe, j'attends de voir la réalité .

    si vos questions ne sont pas dirigées vers votre nouveau produit : pour nous dire que vous nous avez écouté , alors qu'en faite vous dites ceci :

    aimez vous la science fiction ?
    - NON à 90% !!!

    j'ai une seule peur : c'est que vos questions soient toutes dans un seul sens ....> vers votre nouveau produit afin de nous dire , vous voyez nous vous avons écouté .... mais bon j'attends de voir , et en attendant je trouve que c'est une bonne idée !
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    Cool Stuff!
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    Great to see this implemented but I feel as though it should have been awhile ago. Good on RL for actually doing it because many developers have no interaction with their communities.
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    one thing im starting to struggle with .not sure if its due to age/weight/controller . is fine tuning aligning pieces together quickly . triggers are really cumbersome on some pieces. an input changer or a d pad knudge would be welcome.. the scale idea is really cool . also a bend one for ramps would help as some variants end up being of no use . . the ply being an example . variant 2 fights me all the time . will add more as ive only just seen this , thanks
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    "Each month we will open a topic related to the Trials series for discussion. We will kick off each topic by sharing some insights into the development process, explaining the “why” behind some of our past decisions and present some of our ideas for the future in a Trials Garage Update article. This will be posted on our forums to allow open discussions on the topic between players and developers."

    Loving the open discussions

    "Working closely with the community has always been important to us, and moving forward we aim to involve you all even more. We believe a close collaboration with the community is an important factor for the future of Trials."

    Good one!! It is a pleasure to collaborate with you guys
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