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    Mine is updating now , xbox one
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    Nothing about the gps line on the road :


    Nothing about the fov view on vehicle or in bike :


    I'm sad, i'm just still waiting at least for remove gps line on the road that ruin the game ...

    But thank you for the patch ...
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    Problem with Showd0wn mode

    Hello Ubi, nice feature u have added but Showd0wn does not work at all, I could not connect to any game and there are also others https://www.reddit.com/r/watch_dogs/...ring_showd0wn/ . So after I am disconnected i can not play any mission. Please, fix it.
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    One "minor improvement" that indeed worth mentioning.
    Now if you are driving a vehicle and start looking for an online contract (bounty or hacking) then you will spawn in the vehicle you are currently driving, instead of a randomly selected type. This is a huge improvement. Thanks, Ubisoft!
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    The above mentioned improvement has one drawback.
    There are no vehicle-spawn points on Alcatraz Island. So instead I spawned 1000 meters away, and there was no boat in sight to get there quick.
    If the target is on Alcatraz, please disable this feature and spawn me on foot.
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    I opened a new topic for this, but I also post it here because it seems relevant:
    Since this patch the defender's drone is indestructible during online hacking. At least indestructible by the invader. This is a relevant change, if intentional. But if it is a bug I wouldn't be surprised either.

    For the next patch please let us know about every change, fix, improvement. Even the realy minor ones. Especially about "improvements". Then we don't have to discover stuff like this on our own, and also can be sure it is not a bug.
    I can see why this seemed like a good idea. A pretty frequent reason for ragequitting was the destruction of the drone. But, hey I risk my life as an invader, I gotta do what I can.
    Now any player who knows how to use the drone (not that many fortunately) became practically unhackable.
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