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    Fix this F**king game.

    Servers have been bad since Beta.

    Its impossible to Screenshot or record anything because if you do the game will freeze and kick you out.

    No new content has been added yet. (its been months)

    Fraction Wars are a joke one day you're beating ***, next you're in dead last with a white Flag.

    Anyone can have Max Gear at Prestige 3!!

    People are boosting Ranks.

    Nobodys gonna look at the Locked 29 Reputation, Level 10 Paint pattern with 3 dot designs an say " Oh Im gonna grind 5 months for that bro"

    Revenge mode is broken, ( In my opinion) it should only be obtained if you're getting jumped.. Not if you're in a 1v1 situation getting your a$$ handed to you.

    Some charaters are straight broken.

    When the game is over. Please make it to were it starts searching for other players. DONT start it with me sitting in a F'ing lobby with all bots!! You separated Player vs. AI and Player vs. Player FOR A REASON right?

    Whats the point of a "Load out" if you only have one Heroic white star weapon set for each person?? Which is basially the Legendary Gear in this game.

    It already takes 2.5 years to unlock everything in this game.. Please Refund me my money.
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    Broken game

    I spend half my time getting into games just so they can drop me. No other issues with any online multiple user game. It's such a garbage set up. We all bought this thinking, yeah cool concept hope the gameplay is good.....to not even get a damn chance to try. Was going to post more but my phone dropped it......too soon?
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