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    Playtime declining? Your thoughts please.

    I imagine this will be one of my last posts on this site, but my curiosity has the better of me at the moment. I used to play this game about a couple of hours each day, then I started to log in once daily to claim my daily orders, now I log in about once a week to check for updates (a part of me still hopes for the best) but after a couple of fights I'm not interested any longer.

    Personally, my interest in the game has waned nearly to indifference, however I know deep inside I continue to hope this game somehow miraculously rights itself.

    So my question is:

    How has your play time or habit changed over time with this game? Do you play more or less? Have you noticed any sign of a reduced game community (Quality and size)? Has your connection to the servers gotten any better? What is your overall impression of the game now in comparison to what it was when it first came out? Do you feel you got what you paid for and are you willing to invest further into this game (in the way of DLC)?

    I'm just wondering if other players have gone into a sad tailspin with this game as I have. Right now, I feel I haven't gotten my money's worth out of this and fear I never will.
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    I'm playing less and less. I do a few duels but its always just against the top 5 using whatever cheese they can. I really miss the high paced mind game style of play that was alot more commen at launch.

    Balance is my biggest issue by far from balancing heroes to balancing defensive and offensive playstyles.

    They will probly get it sorted in a year give or take but I think most will be gone by then. I can't see the new seasonal content being enough to bring people back.

    All that being said I do feel I got my moneys worth and the game could be great still if Ubi got it together.
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    I go in and out in waves, as would probably be expected. When another game that I love comes out with a new update or finally releases, I drop off almost completely for a brief period (Civ Vi's Australian Summer update is the example i'm going off of right now), but then I'm back in a little bit, about to the same amount I played before. Granted this is only 1-3 hours a day depending on which friends are online, and a bit more on weekends, but ti's been pretty stbable.
    I'm actually pretty happy with Ubi's progress so far. While the game never should've come out as broken as it did, they have steadily made fixes and repairs as they've gone, and it is clear from anyone watching (and who understands how long these things usually take), that they do care about improving the game and fixing the problems. If it continues in this way I expect a few months further down the line it will be all the game it should've been on launch, and then I'll probably be playing even more.
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    Playing somewhat less these days. Have not given up on this game, still love it. Still hope for console issues being adressed.

    I even kinda think in some time, most things will be alright. But dunno how much time this might be. And if still a healthy community will be left.

    Because, and many do think so: the gameplay at a higher level just plain sucks. On console those with the hardest to evade cheese win, on PC .. ah dunno, guess it is the same problem only with fights taking a little longer because you can defend better. And it does take some dedication to sword fighting and the overall game and it's possibilities to ignore it's glaring flaws right now.

    AI lvl 2 and lvl3 mixed feels like the best opponents. Sadly they became somewhat predictable already.
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    After a 2 1/2 week break from it I came back and still play as much as I did before, which is between 1 and 3 hours a day, on weekends sometimes more often. I play in the solid middle field in terms of prowess, maybe slightly above. And it is imo the best place to be right now to have lots of fun with the game, high level and top tier play is just too depending on the defensive meta and very boring and limited in approach. It is actually good people make mistakes in the "average" playfield and still dare to risk the occasional oddball move or combo instead of always playing it safe and relying on guarantees.

    As for upcoming changes, there are several suggestions for new playmodes or reworks of existing ones around, I personally would love a siege mode. I would also be up for more single player content should that ever be considered. New maps and new heroes are already bound to come so that's good, too.
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    I play mainly for the 400 steel orders and then log off. Play far less now then before. The defensive meta and lack of action or light spam that seems I'm unable to block really killed it for me. That and all my friends stopped playing.
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    Well, yes. I do play it less and less. However that's normal for most if bit all games. It's still one of the few games I actually play daily.
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    I took a break for a couple weeks, then came back, now my play time is starting to drop off again. Might jump on to do the dailies, then log off. If nothing drastic changes in season 2, I'll probably give it up.
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    Looks like this game was doomed for failure...
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    I play daily for multiple hours. Not everything is doom and gloom.
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