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    AMD problems after Windows 10 Creators Update

    After installing the new creators update I always had crashes when starting games. I use two R9 290X in Crossfire. This happened also with GRW- when starting via uPlay it loaded the Cloud-Data and the small starting-image was shown, then black screen and- nothing. Couldn´t even switch between applications or open the task manager.

    Those problems occured when Radeon Crimson 17.4.1 was installed.

    After a lot of trial and error (starting with admin rights, in compatibility mode etc.) I found a workaround which works for me and I want to share it with you guys:

    Reinstall Crimson 17.3.1 from march ´17!

    I just installed this old driver over the newer one, works fine with my setup...
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    Know more about the latest Windows 10 creators update, visit an article: Top 7 Features of Windows 10 Creators Update
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