View Poll Results: Why do you fly Axis planes?

"First learn stand, then learn fly. Nature rule, Daniel San, not mine.

70. You may not vote on this poll
  • I'm not American/British/Russian

    14 20.00%
  • I root for the underdogs

    17 24.29%
  • I like to play the *bad* guy

    20 28.57%
  • Allied planes are ugly

    11 15.71%
  • I am a masochist

    8 11.43%
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    because they are in the game .
    why should i not fly them ?


    The first Time i saw Chuck Yeager, i shot him down. Petrosillius Zwacklmann (Held ).

    Wachtmeister Dimpfelmoser in Verfolgung von Räuber Hotzenplotz, der auf schändliche Weise Omaâ´s Kaffeemühle in seinen Besitz brachte.
    Gut, dass es Wachtmeister gibt , unbestechlich und tapfer .
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    cause they are WWII a/c, daniel son

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    LW aircraft are too uber for my tastes.

    In my Pacific Map I fly the Zero because the Allied base is always packed. Everyone and their brother wants to fly the dang P-38.

    IL-2 original P-39 vet soon to be P-63 vet.

    CWoS FB forum. More Cheese, Less Whine.
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    GK.'s Avatar Banned
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    Apr 2004
    allied planes ARE fugly, especially the russian ones. The mustangs not bad looking though, id hit that.

    *Proud Chute Shooter*
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    Breeze147's Avatar Senior Member
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    Feb 2004
    I like flying the axis planes, I love the sound of some of the German planes. I just can't do combat in them. I just cannot make myself pretend to be a German shooting down Allies. I just can't do it.

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    I dont...i fly the MkII Hurricane against the MkI Hurricane ...all the time ...however i was shot down by the MkI yesterday, this plane is obviously overmoddled...i demand its FM is changed "IMMEDIATELY"...or i shall scream until i'm sick

    "#2 Attack that ship".."#1..with what?".."#2 your ordnance DAMMIT!".."#1 my ordnance is in Olegs office, same place yours is".."#2 we'd better learn German then"
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    Axis planes are only targets for me.


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    "None of the Above."

    The war ended 60 years ago. The German planes and pilots were, many of them, very good. As part of their job they flew against my father; that was unfortunate for both. But it doesn't make much sense to avoid the experience of sitting in the virtual cockpit of an excellent aircraft because of these events so long ago.

    I fly LW planes because they climb, turn, dive and roll very well. And because I don't link the planes specifically to a flawed idiology.

    There is no 'way' of winning;
    There is only Winning!
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