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    What guitar(s) does everyone own?

    Just curious with what "most" people are using, I own the following guitars.

    Fender Sonoran
    Cort AD880
    Ibanez ART (from the 70's and gold plate but don't know exact model)
    Schecter DAMIEN Elite 6
    And let's not forget my first ever electric guitar which was some cheap china crap that's supposed to be a stratocaster by an brand called "Sakura".

    My next guitar I'll buy will probably be an Fender Stratocaster and after that I'll go for a Gibson Les Paul.

    I also had my Cort painted red with Darth Vader on it for fun.
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    Fender Squire Start
    Fender John 5 Tele
    PRS SE24
    Dean C750X MRD 7-String
    Ibanez JS100
    Epihone Special II
    Yamaha accoustic
    Fender Jazz bass
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    Epiphone Les Paul Tribute Plus
    BC Rich Mockingbird ST
    PRS SE245 Standard
    Ibanex SR370 Bass
    Ovation "beater" Acoustic
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    PRS Tremonti SE
    PRS Santana SE
    EVH Wolfgang Standard FR

    next up is going to be something from the Chapman 2017 line. those are sweet
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    The_Working_Man's Avatar Senior Member
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    Jan 2014
    Kansas City, USA
    "Most" people are using a Schecter Hellraiser, Ibanez Iron Label ARZIR20 and a Yamaha RBX374 bass. And they gave their Squier HSS strat to their nephew a while back 'cause he needed something decent. At least around my house.
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    Risen72's Avatar Member
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    Jan 2014
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Nova Acoustic (black one so I can pretend I'm Johnny Cash)
    Jay Turser 300 (just got it today, my first Electric Guitar!!!)

    I plan to get an Epiphone SG pro next. So it is true, you really can't have just one guitar...
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    ESP LTD MH - 327 Black with Seymour Duncan passive pickups
    ESP LTD 401 Viper dpuble cut with EMG active pickups
    Gibson SG Standard 2017

    My ENGL Fireball 60 lets these babies sing big time
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    Monsieur Samson's Avatar Member
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    Nov 2012
    Fender Strat US special
    Fender Strat US Std SSH
    Gibson SG Std
    Gibson LP Tribute 50
    Gibson LP Trad
    Gibson Firebird
    Gibson J45
    Epiphone Casino Blak & Blu
    Epiphone Thunderbird Pro
    Taylor GS mini

    My home amp is a VOX AC4.
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    Gold_Jim's Avatar Senior Member
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    Apr 2012
    '98 Gibson Les Paul Custom
    2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional
    2015 Gibson Les Paul Standard
    2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute
    2001 PRS Single Cut
    2006 PRS Custom 22
    2010 Rickenbacker 4003 bass
    2000 American Standard Fender Stratocaster

    Mesa Boogie Lonestar Special
    Fender Mustang III V2
    Marshall CODE 50
    Boss Katana 100 1x12
    Fender Bassman 400

    I've got some others, but those are my regular guitars. My main players right now are my gold top LP's and my primary gigging amp is actually my Fender Mustang.
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    Danny-Ramone's Avatar Senior Member
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    Oct 2013
    Lancashire, UK
    Fender Strat (Mexican)
    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro
    Hagstrom Viking
    Thingamabob Bass Thingy
    Samick Acoustic.
    Aria STG 003 - cheap strat copy, but my first RS guitar, and the one I 'learnt' to play on.
    Snap Dragon travel guitar.
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