It's not a huge issue, but it has been bugging me more as time goes on. But, the overall audio on Rocksmith has always been considerably lower than other games on my Xbox. I run HDMI to a monitor and 3.5mm cable from monitor to speakers. I have the speakers at 100% and speakers at about 50. But when I play Rocksmith, I usually have to turn it up to about 65 for the same volume. The thing that really made it most clear was when I was playing Rocksmith for a couple hours and switched to Skate 3. Rocksmith was normal level as usual and when I started Skate, it almost blew my eardrums out.

It's just slightly too loud when I have the speakers, monitor, Xbox, and mixer levels maxed. But that just doesn't seem right. Especially since any other game at those levels would probably wake up the neighbors.

Anyone notice anything like this? Or have any thing I could try to fix it? If I ever want to play with headphones in, it's even worse. All maxed out and it's maybe 75% of the volume I normally listen to music at.