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    Just to make it even clearer -

    AEP is a must haVE unless you don't want to have the 29 "extra" planes (above and beyond v1.22) that come with it including the venerable Spitfire (4 versions), the BF-110G2 (a beauty!), the P-38 (J and L variants), the King Cobra, the YP-80, etc. etc, Plus six new AI airccraft, plus 10 more flyables in a patch from Oleg, plus a few more single missions and dynamic campaigns.

    BOE in my opinion is a very optional set of Western missions and skins. It has no new planes. You can probably get something close to this in the community by using Paul Lowengrin's Dynamic Campaign generator (DCG) and IL2 skins (psssst! - all for free!). BOE may be more user friendly and more comprehensive ( I don't have it), and so it may be worth your while, but I will leave that for others to review. Starshoy has mentioned that there will be a patch to add new missions for the AEP planes when it becomes available in Europe.

    I will probably end up getting both.
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    AEP first. (a must have)
    BoE second.

    If you lack the funds, I have plenty of yard work here at the estate that needs attenetion.

    AEP has arrived!

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