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    If you ABSOLUTELY have to make a choice, i'd say it boils down to wether you play online or not. BOE is more suitedfor offline play, while AEP is more suited for online. Those aregeneralisations though. Buying both is probably your best bet
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    if you want to fly spitfire,P38,Bf110 etc then you have to buy AEP.

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    So, is BOE a separate install, a different game? Or does it integrate with FB like AEP did? Thanks! S!
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    BOE seamlessy integrates into FB. You just go into FB as normal and in the Campaigns area are new missions. It also has great OFFLINE DYNAMIC missions for US and LW aircraft over Europe. I like the manual cos it actually explains what the `No Instant Mission Success` REALLY does- for the first time.


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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by QuaziMotto:
    So, is BOE a separate install, a different game? Or does it integrate with FB like AEP did? Thanks! S!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    BOE installs over FB 1.22 (pre ACE) or 2.0 (w/ ACE). It integrates with FB and gives you a new Western front offline campaign. You can fly 5 or 6 campaigns for USAAF of LW. Pre Invasion - Normandy, Invasion - Normandy, Berlin 1944, Balaton 1944, Ardennes 1944/45 & Berlin 1945.

    I have already added the P-38 in a fighter campaign and the new P-51s. Right now I am trying to figure out how to add a British Channel campaign and don't see any problem. I just figured out how to add the Spitfire to an American campaign this morning and I will be flying it this afternoon.

    Starshoy will be releasing a patch soon that will most likely include all of the ACE planes and maybe a British campaign too??.

    **** The Hell Hawks Campaign is available @ ****
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    Or just go to


    Paul has the best darn campaign generator out there. He has already gotten it up and running with AEP and is looking for people to run this latest to check for bugs etc.

    He has an established presence in the community and his website has just come up due to the dedication of the DCG users.

    The forum is full of helpful hints and tips to get the most out of the AEP. It has a full fit fucntion with IL2, IL2FB, and works with AEP now. It can compeletly replace your offline campaign and Paul is already coming out with a NGEN replacement for the new AEP online campaign.

    Look at it and try it out. If you want to fly Spits and Hawks over the channel, follow the link to the RAF and USAFF campaign add-ons that work completly with AEP and DCG.

    The nice thing is it manages your skins, gives you a whole new aspect of the game and best of all...

    IT'S FREE!!!
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    When is BoE scheduled for release in N. America? I thought I read around here that it was the 12th. Is that correct? That would be tomorrow! I am very eager to get this.

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    I got my BoE on saturday. I ordered it from Just Flight about 10 days prior. You will need the AEP. Once its released all over it will be a matter of time before everyone has it. BoE is good too. Get both if you can. Boe you can wait for. The AEP is a must.

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    Get both

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    I got BOE partly to ease the pain of waiting for AEP...
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