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    maybe windows 10?

    Is it possible this may get ported over to windows 10? see as its already on Xbox one i thought there might be a chance that it could get a windows 10 release. I like the game, but honestly my laptop is still more portable than my Xbox one or my PS4. Just curious, it would be nice to be able to take the game practically anywhere with wifi. Thanks!
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    Also, if not a windows 10 port, maybe a way to sync your account via ubisoft/uplay account instead of your xbox live account or PSN account. This way if i buy diamonds, or the in game pack i dont have to worry about it being linked to only one of the consoles, and all the progress i make in the game can go to either console depending on which ever one i feel like playing at the moment.
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    Hello originalflame, how are you? Right now there aren't any plans to announce regarding releasing this to Win 10 but if that changes we will post it here on the forum, so stay tuned!
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