Greetings Agents!

Last week’s State of the Game covered a few bug fixes and balancing tweaks that we are looking into. This week we are talking about some changes we made during the maintenance and a few plans we have for the near future.

Check out the full State of the Game VOD below to get all the information or if you are on the move you can listen to it as a podcast!

During the maintenance today we performed the usual duties and deployed a few fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where agents would be credited for getting an explosive kill for an assignment, as long as they didn’t kill the target with physical damage.
  • Fixed an issue in Last Stand where agents received two different marks for killing an agent while in the downed state.
  • The amount of healing from medkits has been slightly increased.

We are currently working on Quality Update 1.6.1, a patch focused on addressing bugs and balancing. Currently our goal is to release it in May and run a PTS for it beforehand.

On that note, this PTS will only be on PC. We will have console PTS for the summer update, 1.7, and are currently working on finalizing that process with first parties.

Seeker Mine Change

Seeker Mine, specifically the Airbust mod, has been a large topic of conversation within the community since the release of Last Stand and Update 1.6. We are moving about 20% of the initial explosion damage to the fire status effect that is applied afterwards. That fire effect can be cleansed through medkits and reduced through burn resistance. However, we want to reiterate that the combined damage output from the initial explosion and the fire status effect will remain the same as it currently is. This means that in PVE the overall damage that you output with the skill will be the same as NPCs don’t have resistances or the ability to cleanse the status effect.

All Weapon Talents Unlocked

We’ve seen several reports that there is a potential bug allowing you to unlock all weapon talents. We’ve been investigating and so far our indication is that it is a UI bug. If you have any information about how to reproduce this issue, please let us know over on the Technical Support sub forum.

Until next time!

The Division Dev Team