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    [MAINTENANCE ALERT] – Game Update – March 30th 2017

    Hello Warriors,

    Find below the details of upcoming game update for March 30, 2017. This update will happen today 3/30 at 11AM ET with an expected downtime of 20 minutes.

    River Fort Map

    We will re-introduce River Fort by end of day today.
    We plan to re-introduce High Fort as soon as possible if everything goes well with River Fort.

    Increased Steel income
    We are increasing the overall income of Steel on all matches and Orders across all platforms. Here are the new rates:

    • All matches Steel income are increased by 25%
    • Daily Orders Steel income are increased by 33%
    • Side Orders Steel income are increased by 50%
    • Community Orders Steel rewards are increased from 500-1000 to 2000 Steel

    • Those changes can raise your daily first 2 hours income by as much as 45%.

    New Heroes Customization
    We are bringing you a brand new Elite Outfit per hero (12 total). This week’s update includes:

    • The Battlefield Chic Outfits for the Knights
    • The Death Ravens Outfits for the Vikings
    • The Death Blossoms Outfits for the Samurai

    • Head over to the heroes customization menu to find these outfits.

    Compensation for March, 28th Ubisoft online outage
    We will grant all players a 3-day Champion Status for the 8 hours outage. We are also investigating the Faction War rewards and will correct the situation soon.
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    Some good news finally
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    Good news indeed.
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    thank you fred but just a reminder that stuff like this should also be posted on the for honor reddit too since not everyone goes and checks here immediately. I myself would've probably never saw this since i went to the reddit first.
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    Really excited about this!
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    So i see. Some easy to fix stuff is getting fixed in an acceptable time frame. I like it.

    Though i personally don't care about the steel stuff myself, but anyway, this game isn't about myself only, so way to go :-)
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    sounds good.. could be good.... hope it is goood..... Fingers crossed
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    No balancing update, no connectivity update (Still have red ping player same lobby with me), is a pain for me.
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    When are dedicated servers?
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