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    For Honor blackout community event - April 3rd

    Hey guys just reposting something from For Honors reddit.

    Basically community is coming together and not playing for 24hrs. The thread has 9000 upvotes and was just posted today. Here is the link with the info if you would like to participate.


    Just to add the primary goal of this is to show Ubisoft our dissatisfaction in a united way. I encourage you to read the link above.
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    I'm in.
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    Already not playing, so why not? I'm in.
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    Good Idea! 90% of the Playerbase is already on boycott, so why not join them?
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    Oh, you're not playing? Okay, more kills for me then.
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    Maybe this will be the best day to play, because all the inpatient whiney scrubs are not playing :?

    I normally don't play on Monday but let's see..
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    Someone ask to steam community too. We need their support.
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    DrinkinMyStella's Avatar Senior Member
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    Not in! Its a good game that is riddled with bugs and the losers who just don't know how to play #salty
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    Alright bro, count me in. Going to extend the invitation to my contacts too.
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    When you read the thread you will see this is about love for the game. This cluld still be a great game, all the qualities are there.

    Let's come together for this and let them know.

    There are two possible effects:

    One day less FH (should be painless)

    And the possibility that they will adress this with the manpower the issue needs.

    I'm in, and whether you are a troll, hater or a big fan you should too. No need to be enemies here, let's try to do something good toghether!
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