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    Compensation after Ubisoft online outage (March 30th)

    Hello Warriors,

    Due to yesterday's outage, we will be granting all players 3-day Champion Status on Thursday, March 30th. We are also investigating the Faction War rewards and will correct the situation as soon as possible.
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    please also look into the event order reward of 2000 steel. Didn't get that either.
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    Glad to see this is finally going to be addressed! Some good news in all of this.
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    Are we still going to get a patch notes this week? This outage shouldn't stop that imo. Also when will the stream be since it has been moved?
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    Great News lets get it going.
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    Thank you! We appreciate!
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    Does the champion status start when we log in? Because it will last until saturday if you activate it on thursday will it not? And I'd like to have it last over the weekend because i dont have much time to play during workdays.
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    Appreciated, but nowhere near enough. We still have not gotten any info about the Warriors Den -stream or any of the upcoming buffs. Speaking to deaf ears is not fun and don´t answer me with the "We hear you. The team is working hard. We´re looking into it. No ETA yet" -bullcrap, incase any mod decides to answer this comment.

    I do have a question though. You have asked on the r/Forhonor sub-forum for content to your stream (that´s what I understood). A vast majority has already said that we simply do not care to see some PK get revenge and spam two to three people dead... Why do you bother with things like this, when the game is clearly lacking and most of the population who play this game clearly mad because of getting shafted again regarding your studios idea of time and deadlines? Would it not be easierto just leave a discussion thread about upcoming titles in the upcoming stream and then getting prepared feedback and suggestions for the stream? Where is your logic? Seriously, next time when you walk in to the coffeeroom in your office and your boss is standing there, say: "We need to talk, now!"

    I´m taking a few days off from this game because being a Lawbringer sucks, when you can´t attack anyone without parrying or getting a lucky guardbrake. Good luck in future considerations and hopefully you will get this game on track, while you still have someone left in your playerbase.
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