Hey everyone,

Im here for my second analysis(first one was the warden) to give my honest opinion about the conqueror as a character and his arsenal of attacks and combo's from a casual players viewpoint.
All of what I will write in this analysis will be based on my casual midtier level play of the warden, as such I hope you will respect my opinion and try to see it from my viewpoint (and other casual players) viewpoint when reviewing it and commenting.

Now we have that out of the way lets get going with the analysis.

The conqueror is a heavy class hero and descriped as a heavy hitter with good defence.

Hitpoints: Has 140 hitpoints wich is the same as the warlord but 20 less then the shugoki and 10 less then the lawbringer.
Personaly I have mixed feelings about his healthpool, on one side I think its a little low for a heavy class but on the other hand he does have heavy class benefits like superior blocking and an all block stance. The point is I can see him lose some of his beneficial abilities to a certain extend and give him a larger heathpool in exchange to make him easier to attack.

Stamina: The conqueror has balanced stamina, he uses a moderate ammount of stamina.
Not much to comment on this, exept that he is still able to use superior block even when exhausted.

Light attacks
Top light: Arguablythe weakest top light attack in the game,, it only deals 12 damage base and in a combo and is quitte slow aswell. This means you can't kill a player with 2 light attacks even if they are at 1 bar of health (not counting gear).
The damage is really low for the speed its trown at. Its only really usable because its guaranteed damage after a connected shieldbash or succesfull guardbreak.

Side light: Basicly the same story as with the top light, same damage and speed.

Heavy attacks
Top heavy: Suffers from the fact that the damage isnt enough to finish off a hero at 1 bar of health aswell (not counting gear) with 23 base damage. However it does deal 25 damage if used in a combo. It is also slightly slower then a side heavy dispite dealing the same ammount of damage.
Because the top heavy basicly deals the same damage as a side heavy means that most of the time you are just better of using side heavies. In some cases the side heavy can be blocked but not parried while the top heavy in such cases can be blocked aswell as parried(unconfirmed). My proposal would either be to make the attack speed the same as side heavies or slightly buff the damage so that it actually becomes viable to use a top heavy instead of a side heavy.

Side heavy: Deals the same damage as a top heavy 23 base and 25 in a combo. It is however faster then the top heavy and as such is much more usefull. But you cant finish an opponent at 1 bar of health in a single hit.
As it stands now, it is very frustrating not being able to finish someone at 1 bar of health with 1 heavy because it usually means you either have to follow up with another heavy before he regens back to 1 bar to get an execution or to finsh him with a light attack but that means you will not get an execution. The side heavy is stil very slow despite being faster then the top heavy and even after a guardbreak it's not guaranteed to land.(unconfirmed) The only time you can get a guaranteed side heavy in is when you either push or shieldbash an opponent into an obstacle staggering them, or when they are on the ground. To fix this I suggest giving atleast the damage buff to finish off an opponent at 1 bar of health in a single hit and also to make the side heavy guaranteed after a guardbreak. Because other classes get a free side heavy after a guardbreak, why should the conqueror not?

Special attacks
Zone attack: This attack is pretty useless in a duel, it deals 10 damage on the first hit and 5 damage for every hit after it. As a zone attack against minions its pretty effective.
While I can understand zone attacks are meant for killing minions and not duels, its kind of odd that the conquerors zone attack is both very bad in useage and damage at the same time. Some other hero's have unwieldy zone attacks aswell but hey atleast deal a moderate ammount of damage. I think a completely diffrent move would be better for the conqueror instead of a damage buff to this attack.

Charged heavy: The conqueror has an ability that makes him able to charge up his heavy attack while consuming his stamina at a slow rate. It can be hold down and released in all 3 directions but the same attack speed is considered depending on wich direction you release it(top is slower then side). Depending on how long you charged the attack it can do either 23 damage (no/low charge), 33 damage (half charge) and 45 damage (full charge). If you get guardbroken when charging your heavy attack you are not to counter it.
This is one of the conqueror's few skills that can punish people for missing a parry on the attack. That said I think the skill is very fair in its useage. Exept for safe parries, but I will get back to that later.

Shield bash: The conqueror can use a shieldbash after a dodge to the front, left, right, full block stance or after a heavy attack. It deals no damage (without feats) and staggers the opponent if it connects. It consumes a moderate ammount of stamina but will also drain stamina from your opponent if it hits.
The main problem I have with this attack is that it is almost not punishable if it misses an opponent if followed up by a light attack. The side heavies are only guaranteed if you shieldbash someone in an obstacle and thats fine, a guaranteed light after any connected shieldbash is also fine. But what's not fine is that even if the shieldbash misses and the conqueror follows up with a light attack it generaly hits you before you can do anything agains it. (not certain classes wich have a dodge+hit option against this). I think the recovery frames if a shieldbash misses shield be greater so that you cant emmidiatly follow it up with a light attack. The opponent who dodged should be able to either punish the missed shieldbash with a light attack or guardbreak attempt (not a guaranteed guardbreak).

Running shieldbash: When not locked on an opponent you can run and shieldbash someone to the ground.
Dodgeable and punishable, grants a free heavy on a succesfull hit. balanced.

Special abilities
Superior block: Because the conqueror has a shield he can block both light and heavy attacks without getting staggered and it also interrupts any combo/chain an opponent is trying to do.
I feel that because the superior block is always active the conqueror has very little openings, namely that he's not required to parry an attack in order to stop an attack combo/chain. And he can follow up a block with a guardbreak (not guaranteed to land and is counterable). This makes him a very solid defence hero and hard to approuch for casual players. I propose as a solution to only have Superior block on the first hit blocked in a combo/chain, and not all hits. This would still mean that he is hard to approuch but it means that it requires alot more skill to play him effectivly.

Full block stance: By going into a full block stance you can block attacks from any direction but you lose the superior block while in this stance. It can be used to cancel heavy attacks and can preform a shield bash while in this stance. It also consumes stamina on activation and on every hit blocked.
Basicly you trade in your block superiority in order to block any attack. This skill however is mainly used because the conqueror cannot preform regular feints.

Other abilities
Semi-feint: Can't preform regular feints, instead has to go into full block stance in order to cancel a heavy attack.
I can understand its hard to stop a flail midair.

Safe parry: The conqueror has the safest parry in the game technically. By holding the heavy button at the time he tries to preform a parry he either parries the attack OR the blocked the attack and is now charging his heavy attack.
Another reason he conqueror is hard to attack is because of this ability. However you can take advantage of a conqueror who uses this to parry attacks by using a feint to make him charge his heavy and follow that up by a guardbreak he can't counter.

Now we learned a little bit about what the conqueror can do lets discuss the tactics to fight one.

Fighting against a conqueror:
The tactics you can use against a conqueror depent largely on what kind of hero you are playing as when encountering a conqueror.
The classes that can use dodge+hit moves are the easiest to play agains the conqueror since they are guaranteed to land if you manage to dodge the shieldbash.

In my experience the best way to deal with conquerors is to let them make the first move. If they try to shieldbash you interrupt it with a light attack and chain in a combo from there if possible. If they charge heavies parry those and go from there. Alot of people will say that feinting is good against a conqueror but in alot of cases the conqueror will not bother with actual parrying and just block instead. If however you do have a class that has an unblockable attack (raider for example). You can try to force to conqueror to use his "safe parry" and cancel the unblockable into a guardbreak wich he can't counter because he started to charge his heavy attack.

Basicly playing as and against a conqueror is like playing mindgames constantly on eachother.

One more tip to end this analysis is that always try to fight a conqueror on open terrain so he cannot get you into an obstacle and get guaranteed heavy hits on you.

Thats it for this analysis, I hope you guys enjoy reading it and if you have feedback, comments please go ahead. You can also be a massive help if you can confirm some of the (unconfirmed) things in this analysis. Please remember that this is a casual players opinion and not a high level competitive players.