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    I was wondering why these were showing up as new add ons. I own 75% or more of these tracks already, but this is cool for new buyers/players.
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    Turned on the XB1 today, and my Arena Rock and 90s Rock Song Packs instantly installed. And then i was told i had an update to Rocksmith to install.

    I do not know what you all did - But THANKS UbiSoft, Dan, and UbiVertigo!!!
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    From a stand point of strictly sorting songs we own (not connected to sales of packs etc.)
    in a future patch/version it would be nice if we could sort songs by albums that display that particular
    album's cover art.

    The available RS library is now getting long enough to justify sorting that way as a possible preference.

    This is strictly a cosmetic issue, no sleep lost if It never happens.

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