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    Quick gear question

    So I hit prestige 3 and got all Heroic gear. Is this about the highest level I'll get so start upgrading? I have all the stats allocated how I want.

    Or should I just wait for prestige 4? Because I haven't gotten anything higher than 13 so far.
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    Originally Posted by xmelesiox Go to original post
    At higher level of Prestige 3 I think is when I saw Gear lvl 14. But also as you gain more prestige you will see higher level gear. My raider just hit Prestige 3 so I spent about 4k steel getting some of gear I wanted but I was fairly unlucky and I'm not spending more steel on it until I get hit the next prestige and even then it will be a lower amount then what I did at Prestige 3. If you got the gear you already want you can just start upgrading it because it may be more cost effective then spending it on scavenging. I got a ton of gear I didn't want with scavenging and it's all luck based at that point.
    Thanks for that response! I just wasn't sure if higher level heroic gear, like say 14+ had less or more state deductions. I guess I'll just stop farming boxes and start upgrading.
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