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    Is it just me, or do characters switch guard stance at different speeds?

    I can guard everything coming my way with the berserker, but I can't get my timing right at all with the conqueror. Peacekeepers and orochi are my bane with the conqueror. Do the heavy classes switch stances slower?
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    Some classes' guard stance switching are slower than others.
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    it makes sense as weapons don't have the same weight and classes don't have the same silhouette.

    no idea if the actual differences in-game corresponds to this though.
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    High level play the slowest character get left behind. This should change.
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    Not sure about the conq but I know Nobushi, Shugoki, and Lawbringer have slower guard stance from left - right an right - left. So character who like hitting the sides like Valkyrie and Peacekeeper can easily **** these fighters up simply because they use polearms that forces them to adjust their hands when switching from right - left or left to right. It's sucks but just have to work with the cards your dealt. Just predict and guard ahead of time so they wont get a free hit because you character isn't fast enough to react on the fly.
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