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    Actions from Heroes VI unlocked in game but not in Uplay!!!

    I have started playing the Shadow of Darkness expansion for Heroes VI and I have unlocked 3 of the achievements in it, it shows up in the game even had the uplay popup in the game when I got them, but when I go in uplay they don't appear!! I don't have the "U" currency to buy stuff with and I don't have the EXP neither!!

    I have tried everythingn but I cannot see how to get Uplay to register my actions/achievements.....
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    Hi YoshMaster, there is a list of achievements here http://mightandmagic.wikia.com/wiki/Achievement

    If they are still not showing, please contact our Support Team https://support.ubi.com so we can take a look.

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    Same here, actions are not unlocking in Uplay, but works fine in game. Anyway to sync manually?
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    Hi, sorry for my English and for the possible writing errors. I have the complete edition and the same thing happens to me.

    I have completed two actions, in the game they are reflected but in the uplay client they do not, Therefore I do not receive xp or u-points to redeem rewards.

    I have tried changing the language of the u-play client to English, in case this is a problem with the languages, I tried to change the language of the game using the HKEY register because in forums I read that it could synchronize the achievements but it has not worked for me. Finally I just sent a ticket to support, hopefully respond soon.

    If someone has solved the problem manually I would appreciate you commenting something.

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    Yes, it's still not working. Please fix it! It was the same for Trials Evolution this summer and you guys fixed it so please do the same for Heroes VI.
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