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    Actually I get the same thing, both in WMP and DivX.



    <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="10"><tr valign="middle" bgcolor="#3e463b"><td height="40" colspan="3" align="center">The ongoing IL-2 User's Guide project</a></td></tr><tr bgcolor="#515e2f"><td width="40%">FB engine management:
    Manifold Pressure sucks
    Those Marvelous Props
    Mixture Magic
    Putting It All Together
    Those Fire-Breathing Turbos (Part 1 of 6)</td><td align="center">

    â =69.GIAP=Chapâ

    69.GIAP</p></td><td width="40%" align="right" valign="top">Hardware:
    Flight Simulation Performance Analyzed
    Building a home-made throttle quadrant step by step
    Sound Can Be Hazardous for Games</td></tr></table>
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    That really was a fantastic movie.. keep up the good work man.
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