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    Why An Assassin's Creed: Japan may finally be coming! [Speculation]

    Whenever a conversation about potential future game settings comes up, Japan is often one of the most frequently mentioned. It is undeniably a fan favourite, and usually features highly on any online polls.

    In recent game releases, we've seen more and more fan favourites coming to the fore - the French Revolution, Victorian London, and supposedly Egypt this year. But could we finally be heading to the Land of The Rising Sun? Lets look at some evidence...

    The Great Backtrack

    "Ubisoft said they'd never do Japan."

    You see this banded around by fans alot, and it mostly seems to stem from an interview with Ubisoft Creative Director Alex Hutchinson in 2012, just prior to the release of Assassin's Creed III. Here he mentioned that the likes of Egypt and Japan were 'boring' ideas for settings.

    However, in 2014, just prior to the release of Unity the stance seems to have changed to saying that the setting would feel familiar - but would not rule it out. This backtrack is even more interesting when you consider that another previously ruled out setting, Egypt, is supposedly this year's release.

    Sensō-ji Temple

    In 2013, the above image appeared in the Art of Assassin's Creed Black Flag book. (Brought up on this very forum.) It was a fascinating image, as it has successfully predicted 2014's Unity with the image of the Notre Dame Cathedral, and 2015's Syndicate with the image of the Houses of Parliament. There remains one location within the image that is unaccounted for; Sensō-ji temple.

    The temple is one of the oldest in Tokyo, and to date has not featured within a game. Interestingly enough, within the extras for the home release of the Assassin's Creed movie, is a brief image that appears with a series of co-ordinates. When converted they correspond to several locations (most of which are already featured in games), and what is one of these locations? Yep. 35.7148, 139.7967 – Sensō-ji Temple, Tokyo, Japan

    The For Honor Connection

    For those unaware, For Honor is a recent Ubisoft release that allows players to engage in complex duelling matches. The game runs on the same engine as Assassin's Creed, Anvil, and it has been noted how certain animations from Arno have been used on some of the characters within the game.

    What is more interesting is that one of the factions within the game are the Samurai. There are several different classes, and a wide variety of armor types and weapons that would be particular to Japan. It has been suggested that some portions of the single player campaign may even have been lifted directly from a seperate Assassin's Creed game in development, as there are assets and locations that make little sense - such as an area filled with practicing Samurai NPCs, a river with boats, and bamboo areas. These are starkly different from other parts of the campaign, where for the most part the existing multiplayer maps are repurposed to tell the story.

    The Legendary Concept Artist

    Vin Hill was made famous on the internet for his excellent fan art, that depicted a Japanese Assassin's Creed. His work was so staggeringly well done, that he eventually joined the Osaka Ubisoft studio in Japan, where he was a 2D artist working primarily in concept art. Thinking about this logically, if you wanted to do concept art for a Japanese AC game, where better than to use local talent?

    Vin's LinkedIn page states that he has since worked on an 'Unannounced Project'. What could it be?

    More 2016 - 2017 Hints

    In November 2016, a new map (Skyscraper) was added to Rainbox Six Siege. Within it, a Samurai outfit with an Assassin logo can be seen. An Easter Egg sure, but an interesting one.

    The Titan Comics line Uprising seems to be going out of its way to hammer us with Katana imagery. Coincidence?

    In a recent Reddit AMA, Assassin's Creed Head of Content - Aymar Azamia cited Edo Japan as his favoured dream location. Coincidence?

    The Edo period of Japan writes the story of itself. Dominated by Tokugawa shoguns, it was a time of oppression within the country. The perfect time period for a fallen Samurai (or Ninja) to rise up against this new Templar assisted order, and join the Assassin Brotherhood. With all of the fascinating myths and lore of Japan, there is plenty of potential for Isu artifacts too.

    At a time when complaints of familiar settings (Europe) are repeated, the Japanese architecture and landscape filled with blossom trees and bamboo could not be further removed from the likes of Egypt or Europe. It would be a compelling and fresh outlook from a continent often overlooked by the franchise to date. In my view, the hints are starting to stack up that something is coming.

    Oh and one final thought. The infamous user survey of 2012 which asked players about potential settings. Look how many settings we have ticked off that list now. One remains...

    The violent conflicts of the Imperial Dynasties of Medieval China (AC Chronicles China)
    The advent of the mighty British Empire during Victorian England (Syndicate)
    The invasion of the Americas by the Spanish Conquistadors (Assassin's Creed Titan Comic)
    The confrontation between the British Colonists and native Americans during the American revolution of the 18th Century (AC3)
    The overthrow of the Tsar Empire by the Communists during the Russian Revolution (AC Chronicles Russia)
    The Warlord Battles in Feudal Japan (???)
    The rise of Caesar’s Empire in Ancient Rome (Les Deux Royaumes comic book)

    Spoiler:  Show
    Don't forget poor Clay's little doodle either.

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    Aymar mentioning the setting almost makes me less inclined to believe they're going there, lol. When they have a game already under development in a certain time period, they never come out openly and say they would like to use that setting because they know people will take it as confirmation.

    However, I'm 99% sure AC will go to Japan at some point. They've been doing almost exclusively fan favorite settings/time periods since AC4. When they said AC would never go to Japan, that was years ago and at this point I believe they're not treating anything as off-limits. We might even see World War 2 one day (God forbid).

    Personally I don't care since Japan has never interested me as a setting. I would much rather see some lesser known places. I love it when AC teaches me history I'm not already aware of. So many people are familiar with Japanese history that I worry if there would be any surprises left.
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    I dunno, not sure I'm convinced .

    I mean Ubi has clearly considered Japan (as proven by the survey etc). And for each setting they are thinking about perhaps they request some concept art? So the image from BF could be "real". Question is if they had allready decided at that point and if that decission means anything today after all that has happened?

    One thing I've always wondered about For Honor is it's originated as a prototype for a new combat system for AC. I think that would make a lot of sense actually. Like they tried to reimagine combat for AC, thought it was perhaps to difficult and decided to turn it into its own thing instead?
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    Originally Posted by Sorrosyss Go to original post
    and it has been noted how certain animations from Arno have been used on some of the characters within the game.
    Can you show some examples? I'm fairly certain the animations are all new, or else I would have already picked up on them throughout the tests. If people are referring to the finishers the Valkyrie has, they are not reused animations, they just look similar. They are completely different if compared side by side.

    Originally Posted by sushiglutton Go to original post
    One thing I've always wondered about For Honor is it's originated as a prototype for a new combat system for AC. I think that would make a lot of sense actually. Like they tried to reimagine combat for AC, thought it was perhaps to difficult and decided to turn it into its own thing instead?
    For Honor originated as a control scheme idea for sword fighting after its director, Jason Vandenberghe, took a German Longsword training. He had been pitching the game for over 10 years before his idea sparked someone's interested and he began prototyping 4-5 years ago with the team who developed the Naruto games. Afaik, it was always going to be for a new IP and more of a successor to games like Bushido Blade than something like AC.
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    Omg ! The feudal Japan is my favorite time period either.I hope we will have the game in this setting in future :

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    My body is ready, only thing better would be Portugal, the logical best setting, a shame nobody knows that.
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    Another excellent post, no one beats you when it comes to AC
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    Really interesting points. I reckon the series will definitely go there, but maybe not until the next generation of consoles. Either way I am excited
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    At this point I just want a good 8/10 AC game no matter what the setting is. With that in mind, I developed an animosity towards "Feudal Japan" due its advocators feelings of "It will solve AC problems and I'll be the best thing ever cause ninjas".
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    The concept artist said this in his art page back in 15', "Ubisoft saw it, they were even kind enough to send me a free copy of AC:Unity and offer me a job in Japan! However, they don’t have any interest in making an Assassin’s creed in Japan."

    But still, AC in Asia will come sooner or later regardless of what Ubisoft had said, they once told us that they will never do one in Egypt, and look what happened.
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