Same as title. Story mode feels like a tutorial on steroid, I want to know more about this world after the end of campaign. Please give your idea about the content you would like to see in story mode (if they ever release a new one).

- After 3 leaders (Cross is not a leader btw) of each faction sit back together and talk about peace, we are still fighting now what happened?
- The Raider grief The Orochi, can he has his revenge? Is this why they can't have peace? Dude just raided and burned his nation.
- Is the Warden agree with Cross and Ayu idea of peace or he will become the next Apollyon?

A story mode that can introduce the next character would be awesome. I would like to know about the Centurion, is he just a impersonator of an old Empire that vanished; or he is one of those secret orders that hide themselves so well and they only come out at the right moment.