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    I don't complain that often but I've been playing your game since it came out played the open beta and everything and I really love the game but I keep getting the error "0006000018" and it kicks me, I thought this error was getting fixed on the 15 but ever since then it seems to have gotten worse in my case...it's not my internet connection because all of my other games work fine I'm really trying not to hate the game or Ubisoft but it's hard when all you're trying to do is lvl your character and you keep getting kicked....please help Dx!!!
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    Just yesterday I wrote in a couple of posts that the situation got better after the last live update. I was wrong: the same evening I got 2 errors 0006000018. I will never stress enough the frigging error 0000000008 during matchmaking that forces me to restart the game every time I leave a lobby.

    I can already see the consequence of their inability in fixing this game, since "low activity" and "medium activity" indicators begin to appear.

    Well done Ubisoft, very well done.
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    I if win more than 5 games in a row i get this error its like the game telling me to F off.
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