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    I've recorded a buttload of my Werewolves Within games. See if you're in one of em!

    I ****ing love Werewolves Within. Best VR game by far.
    I play a lot and have begun recording all my games and posting them on this youtube page for fun:

    So if you play the game a bunch then there's probably a video of you on the page somewhere. Check it out!

    I Swear That I'm Not A Werewolf,
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    I've also started to upload WW games on Youtube

    Hey TomHanksfromHell (Ryan)

    I checked out your channel. Good stuff. The more people who spread the WW word, the better. It is simply the greatest VR game.

    I also have just started a WW YouTube channel focusing more on the EU scene.


    My original plan was just to upload a few games as each role to help any newbies but it is already starting to evolve.

    Check it out and Like and subscribe if you want.

    Lets all work together to keep this fantastic game and community going.


    PSN: mattieb73
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    I watched yours too, very interesting the different vibes between the American and EU servers. Keep up the good work mattieb!
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