God I love this f****** game. One of my all time top 5 games for sure. So this event I'm about to describe happened last night and I'm still laughing about it.

So let me set the scene first. Two people are claiming to be astrologer, one person the gossip, another the drifter, and everyone else villagers. No deviants or turncloaks in play. So naturally the first 3 or 4 minutes is the astrologers arguing over who is the real astrologer and trying to prove themselves. Then the gossip reveals her first gossip. Then the drifter ask if anyone wants to hear his drift, and this is what he says

Drifter: "I have determined there is no gossip, and there is no drifter"

Gossip: "You're the drifter"

Everyone except the drifter: hilarious laughter for about 5 minutes

XD omg it still cracks me up thinking about it. Naturally, the drifter was a werewolf, also one of the astrologers and villagers.

I am FrayHavoc on Playstation. Feel free to add me I absolutely love this game. Cheers.