Well, since the patch seems to take very long to deliver, why don't we just talk about the awful designed combat mechanics that make the game now unbalanced and not rewarding when we play.

While the fighting system in this game is as realistic as it looks, something bout their defence mechanics just does not make any physical sense in my opinion.

Let's take blocking for example. Right now blocking in this game costs no stamina, and players only take very little chip damage (usually 2 or 3). This is part of the reason why the defence meta is too strong in this game, they've made attacks way less threatening and based on how these defence mechanics work, the combat in for honor is very forgiving.

If you just think about how blocks work in real life. When you fight someone, in order to swing your weapon you gotta first move your legs then upper body, finally arm swing. Not completely accurate but that's pretty much how it works. Then the one who has to block the incoming blow, needs to take the force greater than just the arm swing and plus the weight of the attacker and his weapon. But that just seems not enough to make the defender stagger in for honor, you don't even need stamina ffs. Maybe on Raider you can get away with it. But what of the assassins like peacekeeper. Do you seriously want to use an off hand dagger and a short sword to “block” a poleaxe? Somebody like the lawbringer can straight up send them flying!

That might be abit of exaggeration but my point is, you really need some thing that actually work in order to progress right? If my attacks are just a waste of stamina on my end, then why would I take any risk attacking. I'll just stand idle, and stare at them. It literally gets us nowhere...

Now move onto the changes I wish to see them happen in this game.

Chip damage needs to be increased. In fact, better we have chip damage that are different on different attacks (thrust, slash etc). Only shield user can be allow to block all attacks, and take no damage.

The Exhaustion effect needs to have some penalty. You can't just disengage with dash when you don't have any stamina left. And the conqueror can still have interruption on blocking while out of stamina? This will never do!

Block costs stamina. BIG STAMINA COST. I don't need to explain any further.

Revenge mode needs some rework. I don't think revenge mode is a bad design thing, but it certainly needs better balance. While it doesn't last very long like some feats do, the amount of bonuses you gain in a short amount of time is absolutely ridiculous. If I was to rework this revenge mode, I'll just make it a multi-stage mechanic. For example, lv1 you gain knock down ability and attack uninterruptable, lv2 attack/defence bonus, lv3 unlimited stamina. Gain 1 level every time your revenge meter is filled up, and after you use revenge it backs to 0.

That's pretty much it. I'm not done with this game yet, but right now I am just kinda frustrated seeing a game that looked promising tho the mechanics just fell apart. Hopefully we'll see some changes soon.