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    Simple Solution for Defensive Meta

    Obviously this isn't perfect, but I think it would be an interesting experiment. I'm going to lay this out as simply as possible so that everyone can build on it or poke holes through it.

    Basically what I am proposing is that Defensive actions cost more than Offensive actions.

    For simplicity, let's assume that everyone starts with 100 Stamina.
    *Keep in mind the numbers are not supposed to be accurate, they just represent what I'm trying to explain.

    Light attack - 20 Stamina(connects)/ Blocked - 25/ Missed - 30/ Parried - 35

    Heavy attack - 30 Stamina(connects)/ Blocked - 40/Missed - 45/ Parried - 50

    Blocking light attack - 30 Stamina

    Blocking heavy attack - 40 Stamina

    Blocking or Parrying is still effective, but if an opponent wails on you hard enough without any response, you won't have enough stamina to fight back.
    Attacking will cost you stamina, but blocking will cost MORE stamina.

    Stamina Reducing attacks and Unblockable attacks that miss should have a significant stamina drain.
    Dodges should cost a small amount of stamina.
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    Reduce the ability to defend of those aggressive character, make them go for the attack.

    I mean you got hit by a big *** kanabo or dane axe and you block it with your flimsy katana or sword&dagger, wtf
    Those character should only use deflect and parry as their defend tool.
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