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    what is wrong with me'?!

    iam begining to freak out!

    i used to be kinda good at CGB and parry but now omg! ithe guard break is so fast now i cant react to it anymore, but i can never guard break the enemy. parry GB and nope they counterd it.

    its clear to me that i suck at the timing but i can almost never CGB because its so ******* fast now or if it is lag but doubt it since it worked good before.
    and practise against the AI is worthless because they are much slower and just to predictable.

    its just getting frustrating. can't attack. can't parry. can't GB. can't CGB. can block but that dosen't help much in the long run.
    2 weeks ago it wasn't like this. sure i wan't perfect but now i don't know what to do against any enemy.
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    the same issue.

    sometimes i can't do anything

    Ubisoft, please, work on STEAM CONTROLLER.
    and timing of any moves.
    now you make imposibble normal gaming and controlling heros.
    they does not react as intendent.
    i dont understand..
    in open beta and around relesase date there was normal control...
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    I have the same problem like you. I play on Xbox since the open Beta. I was able to block and parry easily. Then they patched the Game and currently it is very hard to block or parry. It seems like my controller is reacting too slow.
    When I play against Bots then I can block them and my controller feels normal. Maybe it is a problem with the connection to other players. Some kind of lag.
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    This community is so much jokes.

    Complain to get buffs/nerfs. Complain that there are buffs/nerfs.
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    Originally Posted by WoodDaGawd Go to original post
    This community is so much jokes.

    Complain to get buffs/nerfs. Complain that there are buffs/nerfs.
    Did you read any posts in this thread? I don't think so.
    Nobody complained about any nerf or buff.

    For me it feels like a delay of my controller. I also recognize it when I am attacking. When I push the buttons for attacking then it takes some time until my character does the move.
    So there is some delay between the input and the output.
    I only recognized this when I play online PvP. When I play against Bots then everything feels normal.
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    OMG, I found the solution. I changed some HDMI connections some weeks ago.
    The HDMI which I use for my Xbox has not been used before. So it used the default settings.
    I changed some settings which cause input lags and now the problems are gone.
    I can now block, parry and do the double light attacks of the Warden/Orochi.
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    Which settings specifically?
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    I guess slow console + big input delay from controller = more difficult game.
    That's why I use super low latency mouse, KB and monitor.
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    It is an old post. i was also facing some problems with XBOX but maybe it is not related to this.

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