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    Lots of time I thought that players because of a rege quit. Days ago I was in group of 3 players connected via TeamSpeak. After while two of them quit. But they not ragequit but game kicked them with connection error (confirmed by third one). Third one leave manually because they want play together.

    So not every quiters are ragequiters ...

    In 99% percents I was kicked out of the game. First it will be better to solve connection stability.
    True true. I think it differs between people however. Some people disconnect due to connection issues and others because of rage quitters. I think they should fix which ever issue is more prominent first
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    Originally Posted by Klingenlied Go to original post
    Honestly, i think this is incredibly complicated with the bigger modes.
    I did not yet quit in one of the smaller modes .. well, maybe one or two times, dunno. But why do i quit (rarely so, but i do)?
    Well, it's simple: there are games, that just don't work connection wise. It's like you see your enemy before you, suddenly behind you, then there is a dead something of you and another enemy has arrived. Even if it is less extreme like only having extensive lag and being almost unable to react to something, i normally end the game. I wan't to have fun, not enjoy 10 minutes dominion lagfest unable to do anything. Besides, these kinda games normally break apart very fast themselves either, so if I do leave or not, i dunno, but guessing the game would crash itsself anyway.

    However, before there is no reliable stability within the games, a penalty would be a bad thing. If you penalize, well, do it for "good connection quality matches with quitters" - if one is capable of filtering those out. Btw, playing with green Nat, cabled connection 100mbit DSL low ping - so there should not be something wring within my network.

    Overall, it doesn't work bad though. In the 4on4 modes, 1 of 10, sometimes 1 of 4 games crash, 1 of 20 is not playable and gets left by me.

    Ah yes, and do not forget imbalances and stuff. I fear too that leaving players cause games to crash, but some heros have so huge advantages over others, that i can understand people leaving at the beginning of a match. There isnt even the option to quit at the lobby if you really dislike your opposing team setup. And there already are people that do not join matches with pk and stuff.
    This is one of Ubisofts best games in my opinion. I hope to god they can fix it in a timely manner or they'll lose all of there players
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    Every so often there is a black screen were you can still hear your party and game Sounds but no visual, NO error code.
    You shouldn't be punished for leaving. This is the only time I've left. On PS4 this happens I don't know once every day or 2 to someone either you or someone you might be playing with. When I made a post about it only got 1 other poster saying they got it too. I know at least 4 of the other people I've played with have had it happen to them multiple times since the game has came out and patch did not address it.

    When a game is bug/glitch , exploit, hack and cheater free . Then MAYBE we can talk about this seemly so badly wanted punishment. I don't see it doing a bit of good to be honest if the game to have open skill levels to find games at this point now you want to put timers on. The error codes for one would need to be fix because if I go a time before I could get back into a match when I had an error out , not only wasting my time previously but now I have to wait as a punishment. You'll definitely not want to be on the other end of that phone call, email or text or however I have to get ahold of Ubisoft.
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    the servers is the biggest problem on this ****....it takes me so long to finish my orders sometimes
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    I am so sick of this ****. No matter what the **** I do I can't play this game longer than five minutes. The server is the problem, the rage quiters are a problem, anything that can cause connection issues is a ****ing problem. I have to sit there and wait close to three minutes each time to find a match, only to get either some weird connection error, or actually play the game for either a minute to five before I get kicked off because some ******* rage quiter left, or the game just got spookedand crashed. I am beyond sick of the ****. Why is it that each time Ubisoft takes someone's money, they end up giving crappy service that can only be compared to some street urchin trying to give you a tattoo, with a dirty needle dipped in oil. This is the first and last Ubisoft game I am ever buying from Ubisoft. That statement should provoke of response from Ubisoft. But it won't instead they're going to ignore it and keep scratching their ******* balls doing nothing about the people that spent their money to play a wonderful hyped up creation only to be handed a pile of **** in a sandwich. I have a couple friends that even spent extra money on the game just to get the outfits or the in game currency only to be met with constant disconnections and errors. **** Ubisoft! **** them until they fix this ******* game.
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    I usually rage quit when the other team is not playing with skill or honor. I love seeing on my screen: (everyone's name one at a time) has left the session. I bask in happiness knowing they just wasted their time and got what they deserved for 2v1'ing / environmental kills / using conqueror / spamming shoulder bash / playing peacekeeper.

    It's excellent.
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