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    How to buy Ghost recon wildlands

    Plz tell me How to buy Ghost recon wildlands to buy it from india
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    Did you find it anywhere? I have also been looking around..
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    After knowing Ghost Recon Wildlands through Techgara and playing it for over 500 hours, I have come to the conclusion that it is probably one of my favourite games. It features a massive open world to explore and every terrain is different. Graphics are more dope than El Suenos Basement, but this also means you will need a fairly good pc to run it. The bullet drop mechanics make sniping more fun than in any other game I have played. Critics claim that missions are allways the same, but I can not confirm this (unless you only play rebel side missions, then yeah there are only 4 missions). Every Base is different and in 90% of cases you can freely decide on how to aproach the situation. No matter what tactic you choose, your AI Teammates will be there to assist you with sync shots. Speaking about the AI, apart from a few weird glitches the Enemies will react realisticly. Snipe one of them and the rest will take cover from the direction of the shot. Sneak around them or let them pass and shoot them in the back. The cutscenes do not take themselfs to seriously which makes them entertaining to watch (example: cutscene about a guy dissolving bodies in accid and a small text appears "Hungry yet?"). All in all dialogs can be a bit satirical from time to time. Coop is very fun as well with options to quickly join missions.

    Okay so lets get to the not so fun parts. The game has a bunch of absolutely unneccesary glitches and some places where you are just between some rocks but have no option to climb out. And don't think this game is a racing simulator. Driving can feel very weird at some times. Shooting with an armed Helicopter is very weird as well, as rotation of the helicopter via the mouse is very quick and doesnt really support aiming precisely.

    But all in all a good game. If you have a good pc and can't wait for the new one then you should go get it.
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