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    With Initiates site gone, how am I supposed to reach 100% sync in Unity?

    It seems that Ubisoft has killed the Initiates website and made the companion app non-mandatory, which is all good, except for the fact that some artifacts in AC Unity, REQUIRED FOR 100% SYNC, are only obtainable via initiates?

    Is this going to be my first AC game where I haven't reached 100% sync? Or am I just misunderstanding something here?
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    All the stuff that was tied to Initiates was patched into the game, so you should have them already. Some things, like special outfits, might not become available until after you've made some progress into the game.
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    I see, it seems I was simply confused about the Helix Rifts which I had not unlocked yet. Got a 100% sync now so all good. Thanks for your reply though.
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    Please Help

    Hello I played AC Unity on April 18 AC Unity was free and I'm wondering how can I get Edward kenways outfit and Ezio's Outfit and Shay and many more Initiates Site is gone and how can I get those outfits please Reply
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    Edward Kenway's outfit is acquired after Sequence 4 I believe when you gain Stewardship of a Social Club that gathers Info the the Brotherhood. All the other special Outfits are acquired by finding the corresponding chests within the game world or by meeting the requirements stated when you view them in the Old AC lair in the attic of the Social Club I mentioned.
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